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Glamour Horses

Your shortcut to the perfect photo that will take your work to a whole new level!

Masterclass CONTENT


Together ... 


  • we build up the studio step by step

  • we look at the equipment

  • we get the horses used to the studio

  • we style 3 different horses

  • a palomino with silver

  • a black horse with golden butterflies

  • a chestnut with gold 

  • we remove the styling again

  • we will work on the image editing and I will show you tips & tricks in Lightroom & Photshop

  • we develop ideas for new shootings and let your creativity run free!


Become a
Glamour Horse professional

Glamour Horses are ...








and above all a special eye-catcher!

Every horse owner wants a Glamour Horse Shooting, where the own horse is professionally staged.

Imagine you can ...


Style Glamour Horses in your sleep


create great portraits in the mobile studio with flashes regardless of the weather


give precise posing instructions

for the horse


give your photos that certain "something" with Lightroom & Photoshop 


to offer your clients the PERFECT Glamour Horse experience!

In my Glamour Horse MasterClass you will learn exactly THAT! 


I will show you every facet of Glamour Horse photography.


So that YOU become a Glamour Horse professional!


No matter if you are a hobby photographer or a professional photographer - the elegant Glamour Horses will be the HIGHLIGHT in your portfolio! 


As a bonus, I'll show you how your Glamour Horse pictures look like they were taken in the studio, even WITHOUT expensive equipment.


More than 300 minutes of video footage will take your photography to the next level.

PLUS in 2 live sessions YOU can ask me your questions LIVE! 

Do you want to ...

... Develop and implement your own project ideas

... Stand out from the crowd with your own series of extraordinary images and stylings

... Develop your own style

... Learn how to handle material and styling with confidence

... Shoot elegant pictures that make every horse a top model

... Master the most difficult retouching

... Offer your clients exceptional studio images with flashes and black backgrounds that you can sell regardless of weather conditions

... Relax and take great quality pictures at ISO 100

Dann werde jetzt Teil der Glamour Horses Masterclass!

You've come to the right place if you ...

... you have a camera (no matter if beginner or advanced)

... can handle your camera independently

... already have experience with manual settings

... are curious about the effect of flashes, lights and shadows

... love creative ideas and want to realize your own stylings, but don't currently know HOW

... want to stage horses elegantly and aesthetically and are looking for the right horse posing

... want to edit your pictures cleanly, so that your idea is underlined and emphasized

... want to stand out from the crowd of other photographers with your pictures


Offer your clients the perfect glamour horse shoot, without try and error.

100% Guarantee of Happiness

You can test the seminar for 14 days. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back 100% within this period. I want you to be 100% happy with the Glamour Horse Master Class - if you are not, please contact me.

Secure your spot now!

Do you know these problems ? 

  • Unsure about posing instructions

  • You have no idea what you need for studio photography

  • You are unsure how to properly drape the styling on the horse

  • You are afraid that the styling will not go down again

  • You are not sure which material is right for the styling

  • You have no experience with studio photography

  • You are afraid of working with flashes

  • You are annoyed by the weather conditions in winter

  • You work with high ISO values and loss of quality when shooting without flash

  • You have no experience with flash and camera settings

  • Retouching is difficult for you 

  • Your pictures do not look as you imagined them

  • You find it difficult to retouch disturbing objects or halters

  • You don't know how to enhance the gold in Photoshop

  • You want to start your own creative project but you are unsure how to go about it

  • You don't know how to set highlights to emphasize the horse's assets ?

The Masterclass is your solution ! 

Because with the contents of the Masterclass you learn ... 

  • how to conduct glamour horse shoots

  • how to give concrete posing instructions for horse portraits

  • how to style horses with different materials

  • what is important for styling

  •  which material you need

  •  how to emphasize the advantages of a horse during styling

You'll learn about studio photography ... 

  • how to set up a studio

  • what equipment you need

  • how to set up your camera

  • how to set up three different light setups

  • how to use flashes

  • how to take pictures regardless of weather conditions

  • how to take high-quality, low-noise pictures 

  • how to shoot in front of black even without flash and studio

And what about image editing ?

  • You learn to edit your images professionally

  • You will learn to increase the styling in Photoshop

  • You learn to remove disturbing elements

  • You learn to remove halters

  • You learn to sharpen images

  • You will learn to give the images more shine and to emphasize the muscles

  • You learn to make color corrections

by the way ...

I started out exactly where you might be now.

7 years ago I was a no-name in photography, shooting with the cheapest lamps in the "studio" and had super noisy images.


I made about 382 wrong purchases in terms of equipment, took a lot of lessons in styling, once accidentally "glued" a horse of a professional rider with the wrong glue and it didn't go down again.

I had 493 ideas, which often had to be implemented in a roundabout way, and I spent many hours in image editing tutorials until the result made me happy.


I would like to spare you this way with my Masterclass or show you a shortcut.

A little look
behind the scenes
at the video shoot

Why booking The Masterclass 

You can start directly.

You do not have to wait for the booked workshop but start directly.


The videos are logically structured and divided into individual lessons.
You can always look in and watch individual topics again.


Your access will remain forever and even if you want to

and even if you want to watch something again in three years, this is possible.


I am always available via mail / WhatsApp support for your questions and problems.

You can always contact me if you are unsure.


You are independent of time and place.

Maybe you have a stressful job or working hours on the weekends

and the participation in a workshop is difficult ?

Here you can learn when and where you want at your own pace!


The Masterclass will be extended with new videos in the long run.

When I develop a new styling or editing technique

 you will automatically find a new video in the masterclass for free.

By the way, in case you ...

have no interest in photography & post-processing, don't own a camera, don't use Lightroom or Photoshop, aren't interested in styling and creative ideas and just want to shoot something for yourself now and then, my Glamour Horses Masterclass is not for you.

Any questions ?

Contact us anytime at

What others say about
the Glamour Horse Masterclass


I have always adored Diana for her work, especially the great gold leaf photographs, and consequently just had to attend the Glamourhorse Masterclass - even though I never thought about studio photography until then.


After the masterclass I tried my first own gold leaf shoot. I am anything but satisfied with the pictures, but as you know, you learn from your mistakes.

After that I started with studio photography and took Diana's advice on creativity to heart.

The Glamourhorse Masterclass is an all-round successful work for all small and large photographers who like to educate themselves and do not just want to copy a style.


In the stable, I had already been asked several times and urged to make such "glitter pictures" with the horses like Diana Wahl.

I for me, however, was always of the opinion that I did not want to copy anything and that this was somehow the baby of Diana.

That was also all a number too big for me, I was only a hobby photographer.

And then one day suddenly, I saw that Diana had brought out a video workshop about her glamour pictures and that was the initial spark for me, she had given her baby free.

After I had fetched the video immediately, I was completely thrilled by what Diana there reveals all and really leaves nothing out.

My head was full of new ideas and enthusiasm for this project.


In the workshop you can simply benefit from Diana's years of experience. You will learn how she sticks the things to the horses, with what the whole thing happens, you will even learn where you can acquire these things, how to get the stable best clean again and much, much more.

Even with the processing she still reveals some things and also how she handles her lighting.

Honestly, without this workshop I would have sunk a lot of money, bought the wrong materials and probably never dared to do something like this without these tips and tricks, because I would also have always been afraid of harming the horses somehow.

Now that I have already glued several horses myself, I can tell you that they have all survived, none of them has suffered any damage, it is great fun, but there is also really a lot of work behind it.



When I found out about the Glamour Horses Masterclass my first thought was, "Oh wow, I definitely have to sign up for that." No sooner said than done and I didn't regret it for a second. The masterclass was very educational for me and brought my photography to a whole new level.


Diana has explained everything totally understandable and detailed. I especially liked the insights into the shooting and the tips on posing.

and this is how the pictures of the
Masterclass students look like this !